Over the years Double D Beverage Co. has injected some of the highest quality and exciting brands into an otherwise exhausted market with the mission to breathe in new life. Double D Beverage Co. has stood the test of time with it's tried & true products and continues to innovate, working on new skus continuously to test, tweak and bring to the consumer. Below you will find some of our top brands.

Beaver Buzz


Seeing an opportunity for a great tasting energy drink, Beaver Buzz Energy was launched June 6, 2005 (The Beaver is Canada's National Animal). Beaver Buzz Energy delivers unmatched flavour profiles (multiple proven skus: Citrus, Saskatoon Berry, Green Tea, Canadian Punch, Root Beer Energy and Original) that not only wow the taste buds, but also provide an energy boost that is the strongest and most effective in it's respective segment. Beaver Buzz is made with quality ingredients including Cane Sugar., the beverage media watchdog, awarded Beaver Buzz a rare 4.5 out of 5 star review based on brand concept, package design, and flavour profile.

Bear N' Beaver Ginger Beer


Since the 18th century, ginger beer has been popular in Great Britain...being from the Great White North, we searched for and found a great tasting, bold British Ginger Beer recipe to launch our first ever Bear 'n Beaver sku. We also thought it was important to pay tribute to two of Canada's most iconic animals, the Bear 'n Beaver.

Bear 'n Beaver Ginger Beer is sweetened with Cane Sugar, uses multiple ginger extracts, and has West Indies Lime added!

Due to the success of Bear 'n Beaver Ginger Beer, we've since added two new great tasting skus: Kola, and Root Beer.

Cheers to the best of both worlds!

Bear 'n Beaver is all natural, and available in 12-packs.

Sin City Soda


Crim City Soda was created due to the lack of excitement in the craft soda category for today's consumers. Too many brands promote the overplayed 1800's brewmaster theme. Crim City Soda brings some much needed pop culture to craft sodas. With the video game industry booming, we hired a local, established Vancouver video game illustrator that spent over 20 hours on each custom label illustration. Crim City Soda has four great tasting flavours: Kingpin Kola, Renegade Root Beer, Pepper's Brew, and Brawler's Bubblegum. Crim City Soda is packaged in a brown longneck bottle with a bright yellow bottlecap. The product is all natural, and available in 12-packs.